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  운영자 2005-02-18 11:45:39 | Hit : 21782 | Vote : 8110
Subject   [자료] Conservation biology: biodiversity barometers
Nature. 2004 Oct 28;431(7012):1046-7.  

Conservation biology: biodiversity barometers.

Brooks T, Kennedy E.

Publication Types: News

PMID: 15510132 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

The Red List Index is a new indicator of species’ extinction risk. It will make a major contribution in measuring the success of an internationally agreed aim to slow biodiversity loss by 2010.

In April 2002, the 188 parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity agreed to reduce the rate of biodiversity loss significantly by 2010. This commitment covers all of the world’s nations except Andorra,
Brunei, Iraq, Somalia, Timor-Leste, the United States and the Vatican, and was endorsed by the World Summit on Sustainable Development later that year1. The 2010 target is a ground-breaking advance, in that the world’s governments are holding themselves publicly accountable for biodiversity conservation.

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