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Subject   [자료] Thirty-four polymorphic microsatellites for European roe deer.
Molecular Ecology Notes
Volume 3 Page 523  - October 2003
Volume 3 Issue 4


Thirty-four polymorphic microsatellites for European roe deer

L. Vial*, C. Maudet† and G. Luikart†


The European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) is an interesting model for molecular ecology studies because of its abundance and adaptability across a range of environments (including human-modified habitats), and because of its increasing impacts on agricultural crops and on regenerating forests. We identify polymorphic microsatellites in two managed populations of roe deer in France by using cross-species amplification of primers from other Cervids and from Bovids. Of the 62 primer pairs tested, 45 amplified microsatellites in roe deer, and 34 were polymorphic. Eleven primer pairs were selected for multiplex gel-loading for routine genotyping of the studied populations.

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