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  운영자 2006-05-15 11:24:00 | Hit : 27177 | Vote : 8928
Subject   [소식] Hybrid "pizzly" or "grolar bear" confirmed in Canada's far North
Hybrid "pizzly" or "grolar bear" confirmed in Canada's far North

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Thursday 11 May 2006

Tests confirmed that a bear killed by a US hunter in Canada's far north last month is the first Grizzly-Polar bear cross ever discovered in the wild, officials said on Wednesday. The bear had thick, creamy white fur, typical of Polar bears, but its long claws, humped back and shallow face, as well as brown patches around its eyes, nose, back and on one foot are Grizzly traits. The two species mate at different times of the year and inhabit vastly different regions - one lives on Arctic ice floes, the other in forests. But hunters have reported seeing Grizzlies further north in recent years as the Arctic warms, said Andy Carpenter, mayor of Sachs Harbour, a tiny hamlet on Banks Island where the bear was shot.

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