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  운영자 2006-05-23 10:40:01 | Hit : 25099 | Vote : 8674
Subject   [자료] Biodiversity needs the help of global change managers, not museum-keepers (Comment on "Dollar and sense")
Nature 438, 156 (10 November 2005) | doi:10.1038/438156a

Biodiversity needs the help of global change managers, not museum-keepers
Pierre L. Ibisch1, Michael D. Jennings2 and Stefan Kreft1

University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde, Alfred-Möller-Str. 1, 16225 Eberswalde, Germany
The Nature Conservancy, Global Conservation Approach Team, 530 South Asbury, Moscow, Idaho 83843, USA

As observed in your News Feature "Dollars and sense" (Nature 437, 614–616; 2005), there is increasing evidence that many conservation organizations remain focused on single species instead of addressing the urgent problems caused by loss of ecosystem functionality.

More and more conservation scientists are calling for a holistic approach that considers ecological processes and the functional properties of ecosystems, rather than just parts and patterns of species, as crucial conservation targets (see, for example, P. Kareiva and M. Marvier Am. Sci. 91, 344–351; 2003).

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