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  운영자 2006-08-28 12:24:01 | Hit : 26142 | Vote : 8955
Subject   [자료] 설악산국립공원의 산양 (Nemorhaedus Caudatus Raddeanus)의 잠재 서식지 적합성 모형; 다기준평가기법(MCE)과 퍼지집합(Fuzzy Set)의 도입을 통하여
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한국조경학회지 Vol.32, No.4

설악산국립공원의 산양 (Nemorhaedus Caudatus Raddeanus)의 잠재 서식지 적합성 모형; 다기준평가기법(MCE)과 퍼지집합(Fuzzy Set)의 도입을 통하여

최태영, 박종화

서울대학교 대학원 박사과정, 서울대학교 환경대학원

Korean Goral Potential Habitat Suitability Model at Soraksan National Park Using Fuzzy Set and Multi-Criteria Evaluation

Choi, Tae-Young, Park, Chong-Hwa

Graduate School, Seoul National University
The Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University


Korean goral (Nemorhaedus caudatus raddeanus) is one of the endangered species in Korea, and the rugged terrain of the Soraksan National Park (373km2) is a critical habitat for the species. But the goral population is threatened by habitat fragmentation caused by roads and hiking trails. The objective of this study was to develop a potential habitat suitability model for Korean goral in the park, and the model was based on the concepts of fuzzy set theory and multi-criteria evaluation.
The process of the suitability modeling could be divided into three steps. First, data for the modeling was collected by using field work and a literature survey. Collected data included 204 points of GPS data obtained through a goral trace survey and through the number of daily visitors to each hiking trail during to environmental factors affecting the suitability of the foral habitat. Finally, a multiple-criteria evaluation was performed as the final step towards a goral habitat suitability model.
The results of the study were as follows. First, characteristics of suitable habiats were the proximity to rock cliffs, scattered pine (Pinus densiflora) patches, ridges, the elevation of 700~800m, and the aspect of south an southeast. Second, the habitat suitability model had a high classification accuracy of 93.9% for the analysis site, and 95.7% for the validation site at a cut off value of 0.5. Finally, 11.7% of habitat with more than 0.5 of habitat suitability index was affected by roads and hiking trails in the park.

Key Words : Wildlife Habitat Evaluation, GIS, Fuzzy Set, Multi-Criteria Evaluation, Goral
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