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  운영자 2006-09-04 10:51:32 | Hit : 25931 | Vote : 9041
Subject   [자료] 지리산의 멧돼지 Sus scrofa 행동권
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J. Ecol. Field Biol. 29(3): 253∼257, 2006

지리산의 멧돼지 Sus scrofa 행동권

서울대학교 환경계획연구소, 1국립공원관리공단 종복원센터, 2서울대학교 환경대학원

Home-range of Wild Boar, Sus scrofa living in the Jirisan National Park, Korea

Choi, Tae-Young*, Yun-Soo, Lee1 and Chong-Hwa Park2

Environmental Planning Institute, Seoul National University
1Species Restoration Center, Korea National Park Service
2The Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University


The objectives of this paper are to estimate home range and core habitat area of wild bores in Jirisan National Park of Korea. A radio-telemetry study was carried out on 5 wild boar individuals (3 females
and 2 males). Except one individual whose enough data could not be collected, the mean home range size of 4 individuals was 5.13 km2 (95% kernel) and mean core habitat area was 1.18±0.31 km2 (50% kernel). Home-range sizes of 2 females were 6.21 km2 and 5.45 km2 each, and that of 2 males were 5.15 km2 and 3.72 km2 each, which means home-ranges of female boars were larger than those of male boars in this research. This result is presumed to have been caused by the fact that the males were sub adult individuals weighing 40 kg and 19 kg when they were captured for this research.

Key words: Home-range, Jirisan National Park, Kernel estimate, Radio-telemetry, Wild boar
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