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Subject   [자료] Genomewide Function Conservation and Phylogeny in the Herpesviridae
Vol. 11, Issue 1, 43-54, January 2001


Genomewide Function Conservation and Phylogeny in the Herpesviridae

M. Mar Albà,1 Rhiju Das,2 Christine A. Orengo,3 and Paul Kellam1,4

1 Wohl Virion Centre, Department of Immunology and Molecular Pathology; 2 Centre of Mathematics and Physical Sciences Applied to Life Science and Experimental Biology; 3 Biomolecular Structure and Modeling Unit, Department of Biochemistry, University College London, London W1T 4JF, UK

The Herpesviridae are a large group of well-characterized double-stranded DNA viruses for which many complete genome sequences have been determined. We have extracted protein sequences from all predicted open reading frames of 19 herpesvirus genomes. Sequence comparison and protein sequence clustering methods have been used to construct herpesvirus protein homologous families. This resulted in 1692 proteins being clustered into 243 multiprotein families and 196 singleton proteins. Predicted functions were assigned to each homologous family based on genome annotation and published data and each family classified into seven broad functional groups. Phylogenetic profiles were constructed for each herpesvirus from the homologous protein families and used to determine conserved functions and genomewide phylogenetic trees. These trees agreed with molecular-sequence-derived trees and allowed greater insight into the phylogeny of ungulate and murine gammaherpesviruses.

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