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  운영자 2005-02-14 17:47:29 | Hit : 19066 | Vote : 7767
Subject   [소식] 4th European Zoo Nutrition Conference
4th European Zoo Nutrition Conference

21-23rd January 2005, Leipzig, GERMANY

The 4th European Zoo Nutrition Conference will be held in Leipzig Zoo, in Germany. The conference will be of interest to anyone involved in the formulation and management of diets for captive animals, and it's theme is:

'Practical implications of zoo animal nutrition'.

Several specific session themes have already been identified, with a selection of keynote speakers to be confirmed shortly:

Primates/Feeding Browsers/Iron Overload/Feeding & Enrichment/Practical Feeding

In recognition of our hosts there will also be an entire session presented in German.

Important deadlines to note:

Abstract Submission Extended until 1 October 2004

Early Registration & Accommodation 4 October 2004

Final Registration & Accommodation 7 December 2004

More detailed information about the programme, registration, accommodation and abstract submission is available NOW on the conference section of www.eznc.org

4th European Zoo Nutrition Conference

organized by:

European Zoo Nutrition Centre
Leipzig Zoo

in co-operation with the EAZA-executive office and the EAZA Nutrition Group


Primate nutrition
The order Primates is diverse, filling a large number of the possible niches within the food web. The NRC has recently updated requirements for non-human primates but there are still major gaps in our understanding, in particular the importance of dietary fibre (both plant and animal sources); UV-B in smaller primates...

Feeding browsers
We are increasingly aware of the diverse and complex strategies adopted by browsing species and the plants they feed on. Much has been done to improve captive diets for mammalian hoofstock and we welcome papers on the optimal feeding of these species, but also from authors studying the 'browsing' habits of other taxa.

Iron overload
Iron storage is a normal physiologic process that becomes pathologic when excessive. Iron overload is being regularly documented in birds and mammals but our understanding of its causes and treatments remains poor. Papers on this topic or other metabolic conditions are encouraged.

Behavioural enrichment
Novel methods of food presentation, designed to stimulate the full range of 'natural' behaviours exhibited by captive animals act are often taken as indicators of good or improved welfare. However without due attention to the quantity and type of food involved, in trying to satisfy psychological requirements, physiological conflicts may result. We hope to present papers that consider both aspects.

Practical feeding
We strongly encourage 'back to basics' submissions for and by keeping staff, on what they should know about the nutrition of species in their care.

Various nutrition topics
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