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  운영자 2005-02-14 17:34:36 | Hit : 13305 | Vote : 5475
Subject   [소식] ZooLex Workshop Master Planning
ZooLex Workshop Master Planning

Having a master plan in place ensures effective use of resources, aids in better decision-making, helps avoid costly mistakes, and increases the prospect of attaining funding.

What should a master plan include?
How are development guidelines represented in a master plan?
How is phasing determined and communicated?
How detailed is a master plan?
What analysis is necessary to begin a master plan?
In the Zoo Master Plan Workshop, participants will use the site of a given zoo to explore the process of master planning. The group will be moderated by Monika Fiby to develop a conceptual master plan for the zoo. Hands-on work with a case study will result in an in-depth understanding of master planning for the zoo.

Participants are able to:

See examples of various zoo master plans.
Gain an overview of the contents and extent of a master plan.
Learn methods involved in creating master plans.
Get ideas for their own master plan.
Experience the master planning process first-hand.
Read about the workshop in February 2003 ...
Read more about master planning ...
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