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Subject   [소식] ZooLex Workshops
ZooLex Workshops

ZooLex workshops are practice oriented and customized to the needs of participants. They are aimed at the zoo administrator who wants to gain knowledge of the design processes. Participants will be more prepared to oversee in-house design work, hire the right designers, and participate fully in the planning process. The ZooLex Zoo Design Organization provides the organizational framework, experienced moderators and presenters, and suitable materials.

If you have suggestions for ZooLex workshops or would like to have a workshop organized in your region or at your zoo please contact zoolex@zoolex.org.

Workshop Zoo Design at Fasanerie Wiesbaden, Germany, in September 2004

Cancellation by participants: workshop fee minus 10% is refunded for cancellation until four weeks before the workshop, no refund for cancellation within four weeks before the workshop and for not participating without cancellation.
Cancellation by organizer: refund of total fee, no refund of other cost.

Master Planning
Zoo Design

Workshop Zoo Master Plan in Augsburg
Workshop Zoo Design in Wiesbaden


Workshop Zoo Design
at Fasanerie Wiesbaden
8 and 9 September, 2004

Moderator and presenter:
Monika Fiby
Landscape architect, Vienna Austria
Founder of the ZooLex Zoo Design Organization

Fasanerie Wiesbaden, Germany


Fee includes materials on zoo design, refreshments, lunch and dinner on Wednesday.
250 Euro for receipt of registration by 15 August 2004.
260 Euro for receipt of registration after 15 August 2004.

Hotel Olympia: single 45 Euro per night
Landhaus Diedert: single 85 Euro per night

20 participants max.
Please print, fill in, sign and fax or mail this registration form (pdf: 46 KB
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