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No 제목 이름 날짜 조회
28  [자료] Phylogenetic position of the Japanese river otter Lutra nippon inferred from the nucleotide sequence of 224 bp of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene   운영자 2007/04/16 16805 2828
27  [자료] GIS-based wildlife habitat management strategies in Korea (KEI)   운영자 2006/10/30 16876 2639
26  [자료] Identification of individual tigers (Panthera tigris) from their pugmarks   운영자 2007/04/23 16885 2903
25  [자료] Molecular phylogeny of the carnivora (mammalia): assessing the impact of increased sampling on resolving enigmatic relationships   운영자 2006/01/04 16889 2310
24  [자료] Conditions for rapid sex determination in 47 avian species by PCR of genomic DNA from blood, shell-membrane blood vessels, and feathers   운영자 2005/03/28 17000 2959
23  [자료] Fine-scale spatial genetic structure and dispersal among spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) breeding populations   운영자 2007/03/05 17063 2748
22  [자료] Molecular genetics of the most endangered canid: the Ethiopian wolf Canis simensis.   운영자 2006/05/02 17243 2537
21  [자료] Phylogenetic and phylogeographic analysis of Iberian lynx populations.   운영자 2006/07/31 17347 2677
20  [자료] Evolution and phylogeny of old world deer   운영자 2007/05/28 17369 2810
19  [자료] Phylogeny of Darwin’s finches as revealed by mtDNA sequences   운영자 2006/05/09 17391 2640
18  [자료] Structure of the mitochondrial control region of the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra; Carnivora, Mustelidae): patterns of genetic heterogeneity & implications for conservation of the species in Italy   운영자 2006/01/04 17570 2704
17  [자료] 설악산 국립공원의 산양 보호구역 설정기법에 관한 연구: 서식지 적합성 모형, 서식지 수용능력, 최소 존속 개체군 이론을 이용하여   운영자 2006/08/28 17574 2728
16  [자료] Phylogenetic study of complete cytochrome b genes in musk deer (genus Moschus) using museum samples   운영자 2005/11/07 17590 2711
15  [자료] 불암산도시자연공원의 환경생태 현황 조사.분석을 통한 생태적 측면에서의 공원관리계획 수립   운영자 2007/05/07 17597 2733
14  [자료] Fecal DNA analysis for identifying species and sex of sympatric carnivores: a noninvasive method for conservation on the Tsushima Islands, Japan.   운영자 2006/03/06 17601 2830
13  [자료] Structure of the mitochondrial control region of the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra; Carnivora, Mustelidae)......   운영자 2007/04/16 17605 2677
12  [자료] Assortative mating as a mechanism for rapid evolution of a migratory divide.   운영자 2006/05/09 17818 2485
10  [자료] 야생동물의 행동권을 고려한 설악산 국립공원과 오대산 국립공원간 서식지 연결   운영자 2007/05/07 18114 2765
9  [자료] Phylogeographic origin of Hokkaido house mice (Mus musculus) as indicated by genetic markers with maternal, paternal and biparental inheritance   운영자 2007/04/30 18190 2898
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