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168  [자료] Phylogeography of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) populations: the effects of historical genetic subdivisions and recent nonequilibrium dynamics.   운영자 2005/11/14 23874 6812
167  [자료] Distinct seasonal habitat selection by annually sedentary mountain hares (Lepus timidus) in the boreal forest of Sweden   운영자 2006/09/13 23860 7114
166  [자료] Mitochondrial and microsatellite DNA analyses of harbour seal population structure in the northeast Pacific Ocean   운영자 2005/09/21 23798 6464
165  [자료] Landscape connectivity influences gene flow in a roe deer population inhabiting a fragmented landscape: an individual-based approach.   운영자 2006/06/26 23765 7098
164  [자료] Thirty-four polymorphic microsatellites for European roe deer.   운영자 2006/06/26 23765 7293
163  [자료] Mitochondrial DNA phylogeography of red deer (Cervus elaphus).   운영자 2006/04/17 23759 7004
162  [자료] Conservation: Dollars and sense   운영자 2006/05/23 23726 6734
161  [자료] The Influence of Landscape Structure on Female Roe Deer Home-range Size (행동권분석 예2)   운영자 2006/08/22 23720 7257
160  [자료] Body size changes among otters, Lutra lutra, in Norway: the possible effects of food availability and global warming   운영자 2007/04/16 23709 6854
159  [자료] Incentive-based conservation programs in developing countries: a review of some key issues and suggestions for improvements.   운영자 2006/04/03 23671 6894
158  [자료] Mitochondrial DNA variable number tandem repeats (VNTRs): utility and problems in molecular ecology.   운영자 2006/03/27 23631 6740
157  [자료] Seasonal food habits of the raccoon dog at a western suburb of Tokyo   운영자 2007/03/12 23623 7013
156  [자료] Methods of parentage analysis in natural populations   운영자 2006/09/18 23599 7092
155  [자료] Genetic identification of wild and domestic cats (Felis silvestris) and their hybrids using Bayesian clustering methods   운영자 2006/01/24 23561 6627
154  [자료] Developing a national tiger action plan for The Union of Myanmar.   운영자 2006/04/03 23559 6842
153  [자료] Effectiveness of a regional corridor in connecting two Florida black bear populations.   운영자 2006/11/20 23556 6730
152  [자료] Intraspecific phylogeny and geographical variation of six species of northeastern Asiatic Sorex shrews based on the mitochondrial cytochrome b sequences.   운영자 2006/03/14 23554 6528
151  [자료] Genetic variability and differentiation in red deer (Cervus elaphus) from Scotland and England   운영자 2006/12/04 23549 7009
150  [자료] Latent extinction risk and the future battlegrounds of mammal conservation.   운영자 2006/04/24 23544 6677
149  [자료] Eurasian otters, Lutra lutra, have a dominant mtDNA haplotype from the Iberian Peninsula to Scandinavia.   운영자 2005/11/28 23540 6780
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