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Subject   [자료] Review of the distribution,status and conservation of musk deer
Folia Zool.–53(2):129 –140 (2004)

Review of the distribution,status and conservation of musk deer
in China

Yijun ZHOU,Xiuxiang MENG,Jinchao FENG,Qisen YANG,Zuojian FENG,Lin XIAand Luděk BARTOŠ

School of Life and Environment Sciences,Central University for Nationalities,27 Zhongguancun
Nan-da-jie,Beijing 100081,China;e-mail:mengxiuxiang2006@hotmail.com
Institute of Zoology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,19 Zhongguancun Road,Beijing 100080,China

Ethology Group,Research Institute of Animal Production,P.O.Box 1,104 01 Praha 10,Czech Republic;

Received 30 December 2003;Accepted 8 June 2004

A b s t r a c t .There are five species of musk deer of the genus Moschus ,in China,occurring in about 17 provinces.We estimate the total numbers in China to be between 220,000 and 320,000.In some areas the populations are in decline,and some are close to extinction due to over-hunting and habitat loss or degradation,the former being the primary threat to musk deer populations.To conserve musk deer,in situ protection should be improved,and the present unsustainable forest exploitation in the range areas should be halted.Poaching of musk deer, and smuggling of musk deer products,should be prevented.Domestic use of musk should be restricted.In some areas where musk deer have become extinct or are critically endangered,
ex situ protection should be introduced.Musk deer farming should be revised and developed according to biological requirements.

Key words :musk deer,Moschus ,conservation status,China
Musk deer Moschus than gold (S h r e s t h a 1998,G r e e n other countries have been reported (H o m e s such as the alpine musk deer M.sifanicus ,while the forest musk deer Moschus berezovskii and the black musk deer M.fuscus Corresponding author


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