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  운영자 2006-11-20 16:59:48 | Hit : 20179 | Vote : 8177
Subject   [소식] First Far Eastern Leopard Captured, Released in Russia (ENS, 2006. 11. 15)
제목: First Far Eastern Leopard Captured, Released in Russia

NEW YORK, New York, November 15, 2006 (ENS) - An international team led by biologists from the Wildlife Conservation Society has captured one of the world's most endangered big cats - a Far Eastern leopard, one of only 30 left in the wild.

It was caught in a snare set by scientists to capture big cats for genetic analysis on which conservation efforts can be based.

"This capture represents a milestone in our cooperative efforts to save the Far Eastern leopard and Siberian tiger from extinction," said Dr. Dale Miquelle, director of the Wildlife Conservation Society's Russia Program, which has coordinated the project. WCS is based at New York's Bronx Zoo.

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